With long-standing regional investment and research experience combined with in-depth local market know-how, Tarascon Capital Management was established in 2006 to manage long/short investment strategies encompassing all Asia-Pacific equity markets excluding Japan with our mandate expanding to crypto currencies as we believe crypto currencies are in the early formation stages of a transformative and significant asset class. The investment process is driven by fundamental bottom-up research with an emphasis on ideas and crypto currencies where we have expertise. A trading approach is deployed to actively seek investment opportunities irrespective of market environment, but more importantly the firm’s investment strategy is underpinned by a disciplined portfolio construction methodology and risk management process.

Our Firm
Decades of regional investment & research experience 兼备长期区域投资与研究经验

创富行资产管理有限公司成立于2006年,兼备长期区域投资与研究经验以及深厚的当地市场知识,管理囊括所有亚太股市(日本除外)的长/短期投资战略。与此同时,我们相信加密货币正处于成为变革型和重要资产类别的初期阶段,我们的焦点也随之扩大。投资流程来源于自下而上的基础研究,重点强调本公司具有专门知识的构想与加密货币的市场活动。 部署的交易方法旨在积极寻求投资机遇而不考虑市场环境,但更重要的是,规范的投资组合构建方法和风险管理制度支撑着本公司的投资流程。